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The "Stone Stroy" company , founded in 1996, has become the fast growing company in the field of taupe stone façade facing, as well as established itself as a stable and reliable partner, over the years in the Russian construction market.

The "Stone Stroy" is a specialized company which offers a full range of taupe stone cladding of buildings, such as: designing, manufacturing and procurement of stainless curtain wall system; manufacturing and procurement of a taupe stone, agreeable to the project`s size and also erecting of curtain wall systems from a taupe stone.

The "Stone Stroy" company has its own factory WWW.URUNMARBLE.COM which is engaged in a taupe stone processing. The total area of the plant is 20,000 m2 and it is situated in Isparta, Turkey. The company is also produces their own "Stone Stroy" fasteners curtain wall systems in Turkey and Russia, in Yekaterinburg . All of these factors provide an object with all essential goods promptly and in the shortest period of time.

The "Stone Stroy" company has two certified curtain wall systems with an air gap for the cladding of buildings with the help of a taupe stone. The "Stone Stroy SS-T01" is a curtain wall system with the guide construction and the "Stone Stroy SS-T02" is a curtain wall system without the guide construction and it also has a decorating facades system with hinged elements which are made from glass-fiber reinforced concrete. Each of the system has fire hazard class-K0. Façade`s working life is at least 50 years and they all have the Rosstroy technical approval of products suitability for using it in the construction on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The "Stone Stroy" systems are very easy to mount and they include the fixing insert and whaler elements. Structural elements are lightweight and easy to install. After subdivision, by means of standard plugs, fixings are attached to the wall.

The technical solutions, adopted in the "Stone Stroy" systems, correspond to environmental, sanitary and epidemiological requirements, and also to requirements issued by the inspection authority and organizations concerned with the concurrence of initial permits.

Our company has a wealth experience in the field of construction and cladding of high-rise buildings throughout Russia and abroad. The special proud is a whole series of municipal buildings in the center of Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen, Istanbul and Brunei.

We work in cooperation with major construction companies and leading architectural design offices.

Beginning of cooperation with us, you can realize your most daring ideas "turn key" quickly, reliably and efficiently.